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Here's the general idea.

Getting published by a big publishing firm that will get your stories into an actual store (whether brick & mortar or online) is no where near as easy as it should be. You can't even send stories to them anymore; you have to get an agent to do that - and most of them take months to even send back a rejection letter.

Why a rejection letter? Because in the publishing world of today, you can't get published by a big publishing house until you've been published by a big publishing house. Read that last line all you want, it won't make any more sense - but that's the way it works.

The premise of the 2 Pages Project: is to get you published (albeit on a fairly small scale) so you can get noticed by the big houses and get your big stories out there. The world NEEDS new authors and we know you have a story to tell.

So, here is what we do. If you send us a short story, we'll publish it on this website as an eBook and turn it into an audiobook for the podcast. When there are enough stories to warrant it, we'll compile them into a full-size novel that will be avavailable for sale... and, yes, you could make money this way.

There are no restrictions as to the genre of story you send in, but there are a few rules (see below). Just as a note to keep in mind, if you send in a romance story, the audiobook version will likely be a non-dramaticized read. At the moment, we only have two voice actors, a father-daughter team. Hopefully you can understand why they wouldn't want to do a romantic scene.


  • All stories must be fictional. Neither of us wants a lawsuit. But what about fan fiction? NOPE. I'd like these to be original stories. There are usable characters that will be listed on this site later but do not use established characters. No "Sherlock Holmes". No "X-Files". No "Batman". No "Miss Marple". Remember that lawsuit thing. (clue)

  • Two pages minimum but around ten minutes if read aloud. So far, it seems that around 2000 - 3000 words works quite nicely.

  • No killing/injuring children (just because we don't approve of violence towards children even in fiction)

  • Nothing terribly graphic. Killing/murder is ok but detail about how many pieces of a body are missing isn't necessary. Think PG murder.

  • Language: prefer English. If not, don't be surprised if I mispronounce- a LOT. As for those seemingly ever-present naughty words, usable but try not to overdo it. Again, think PG... or PG-13. You can say f*ck but not every other word. Conversely, if your character gets shot, saying "well, shucks" isn't terribly realistic either. How's this? If you question whether or not you've used too many naughty words... you have and you should try again.

  • Sex: You can if you REALLY want to but keep in mind the time limits of the story and the limit on graphic explainations.

  • Rights: Just because we publish/air your story does not mean we own the rights to it. The rights to the story are YOURS. We would like to think that you would be okay with sharing the rights to the recorded version since, well, we are the ones recording it. If not, let us know and we'll see if we can work something out.

  • There will be a very informal contract to sign (or digitally sign) stating that you have permission to share the story you're submitting and that we are in no way liable for any contract breach that may occur because of your participation in this project.

  • Email all stories (preferably in "word doccument" format) to

  • Support the Initiative

    If you want to support the 2 Pages Project, there are several options.

  • The first, and easiest, is to listen to the show and read the eBook versions (see player above or click here for the new stories page!).

  • The second option is to write a story for us. That's what we want anyway: STORIES! That's what we live for!

  • A third option would be to visit the COYL Entertainment Network store and buy a shirt or a hat or whatever other specialty items we have at the time. All the proceeds go to support the show AND you get something cool!

  • Option four would be to BUY THE BOOK. That's another reason we're here. Eventually all of these stories will be compiled into a real book! The first one is out now so check it out!

  • Option five does get a little more complicated. You could become a PATREON. I know. Patron doesn't have an "e". But that's really what this is, a patronage website.
    Check out the video! That'll probably help.